Overcoming Infidelity

During the darkest days of my marriage, whilst endeavoring at overcoming infidelity, I read the book Love Warrior and felt a newfound spark combust into flames inside me. In recognizing my own story inside someone else’s, I found accelerated healing and the strength to roll up my sleeves, dig in, and commit to the hard labor it takes to recover from adultery.

I found my voice and began to tell my story of overcoming infidelity.

Infidelity stories aren’t told very often. Too frequently, people feel tongue-tied over the taboo we’ve assigned to adultery. It’s time for that to change. I’ll go first.

I tell my story of betrayal in part because it was told for me. My story was told without my permission, in a very public and malicious way and I’m not down with that. I also chronicle my story of hurt and healing to help others know they’re not alone in their heartache over an affair.

Sharing our stories is our best weapon against loneliness and our best kickstart to courage.

We heal from pain faster when we talk about it. We heal at light speed when we link arms inside our hardships and work on healing together. When one person stands up and says no thank you to the shame and stigma associated with infidelity, others find the motivation to do the same.

This page is both a runway and a landing zone for all the parts and pieces of the story of unfaithfulness, unwieldy pain, and surprisingly unyielding love in my marriage. The posts you’ll read here will help pull you up and out of loneliness and back into love. In addition, my story makes for incredibly safe, soft place for your own hard story to land.

You are NOT the only one experiencing betrayal and you are worthy of a safe and protective love.

To follow along in a way that makes sense, make sure to read the following posts about overcoming infidelity in numerical order. Keep in mind though, my marriage story isn’t finished; the rest is yet unwritten. If you’d like to read more of my story as it unfolds, be sure to subscribe to my blog today to receive each new post via email.

Telling our truth is our best show of vulnerability and our best way forward.

  1. An Introduction
  2. Our Stories Are(n’t) For Everyone
  3. The One Piece of Advice we Rebuilt our Broken Marriage With
  4. Only the Lonely
  5. From Eyes Wide Shut, To A Heart Wide Open
  6. Pour Some Sugar On Me
  7. My Graduate Degree In Love: Overcoming An Affair
  8. What The Aftermath Of Infidelity And Forgiveness Looks Like
  9. The Surprising Way Back to Trust After an Affair
  10. Why I Chose to Stay After My Husband Was Unfaithful
  11. Therapy Saved My Marriage Because Vowing to Do Better Was Never Going to Be Enough
  12. So, Your Husband Cheated On You. But What Did He Do Next?
  13. Husband, Let’s Make Time For Us Before We Decide Not to Anymore
  14. Younger, Prettier, Willing to Send Nude Pics: She Was the Whole Clichéd Enchilada, But I Don’t Think About Her at All
  15. When You’re Spending Too Much Time and Money Shopping and Drinking, You Vow to Stop
  16. “WTF is wrong with you, lady?” and other gruesome moments in the ER—an infidelity story for all struggling marriages
  17. To the Blindsided and Betrayed: You Will Heal, One Breath at a Time
  18. The surprising way my husband views me sharing our marriage story—especially his infidelity—with the whole world
  19. Will I ever know happiness again after infidelity?—Asked and answered, heart to heart
  20. I Finally Earn More Than My Husband! And it feels amazing. But not for reasons you might think
  21. Will I Ever Stop Feeling Consumed By My Spouse’s Affair? How to heal from the pain of betrayal and finally move on
  22. Can Your Marriage Survive An Affair? – Here’s what my own relationship looks like seven years after my husband cheated

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