Overcoming Infidelity

During the darkest days of my marriage, I read the book Love Warrior and a spark burst into flame inside me. In reading, in recognizing my own story inside someone else’s story, I found healing, the strength to pick myself up, roll up my sleeves, and commit to the hard labor it takes to recover from adultery.

I found my voice and began to tell my story. It’s a story not told very often. This taboo is one we feel all too tongue-tied about. It’s time for that to change.

This page is both a runway and a landing zone for all the parts and pieces of the story of unfaithfulness, unwieldy pain and unyielding love in my marriage. The posts you’ll read here are meant to help pull you up and out of loneliness, you are NOT the only one, and back in to love.

Sharing our stories is our best weapon against loneliness. Our best kickstart to courage. Our best chance. Our best.

To follow along and get up to date in a way that will make sense, read the following posts in numerical order. My story isn’t finished though, the rest is still unwritten. So be sure to check back for more.

  1. An Introduction
  2. Our Stories Are(n’t) For Everyone
  3. I Can’t Think About That Now, I’ll Go Crazy If I Do
  4. Only the Lonely
  5. From Eyes Wide Shut, To A Heart Wide Open
  6. Pour Some Sugar On Me
  7. My Graduate Degree In Love: Overcoming An Affair
  8. What The Aftermath Of Infidelity And Forgiveness Looks Like
  9. The Surprising Way Back to Trust After an Affair