Hear me roar!

I’ve had the distinct honor of appearing as a guest on a few podcasts to date. Some very stellar podcasts hosted by some phenomenal interviewers. On each, I told parts and pieces of my story of being blindsided by infidelity and how I found healing from the horror of betrayal.

You can listen at your leisure via the following links or by searching the podcasts on iTunes or your favorite podcast app:


An Unexpected Launch:

Ep 15. Jodie’s Story: I Took Control of My Husband’s Infidelity Story And Am Using It For Good


30 Something by Sonni Abatta:

Ep 42: He Cheated; Now What? Writer Jodie Utter on Infidelity and What’s Next

Ep 12: When Infidelity Strikes, with writer Jodie Utter


The Joy of Being with Marina Pearson:

Episode 34: How To Move On From Infidelity – Jodie Utter


Marriage and Martinis with Danielle and Adam Silverstein:

Jodie Utter and Her Story Of Infidelity, Trust and Forgiveness (Part 1)

Healing and Forgiveness after Infidelity (Part 2) – A Continued Conversation with Jodie Utter