The phone call is so not the new black—but I’m not yet ruling it out for the next season of life.

I once had to be surgically removed from my princess phone. But today, phone calls make me—well, um—let’s just say they bring out the worst in me.

And golly, people had some strong feelings about my latest piece detailing my current reaction to the dreaded phone call.

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Gone Girlfriend

I read lots of books written by women for other women. Also, tons of female-authored blogs, articles, posts, social media shout-outs and shoe descriptions on Zappos. And I’ve noticed ladies I admire and respect write a lot about girlfriends. Specifically, how phenomenal theirs are. Like, SO PHENOMENAL. And something doesn’t sit right with me.

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I Sweat The Small Stuff

I understand that our God only gives us what we can handle. And that we are allowed to go through challenging circumstances that purpose to shape us and change us for the better. So apparently I can handle neck acne. I didn’t even know this was a thing, but it is, because I have it. Adult acne in traditional locations is already frustrating enough. I’ve struggled with it forever. I have it under control right now for the most part, oddly enough via the use of blood pressure medication. Some smart people discovered that relief from acne was an after-market effect of a medication designed to lower blood pressure. And since I am guessing my blood pressure would have been sky-high for much of the last couple of years, I’m getting a fantastic two-fer with this stuff. But back to the point, all of a sudden I have a persistent grouping of painful and unsightly pimples that play leapfrog from side to side on my neck. This is bullshit.

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Are You Sure About That?

I have an incredibly hard time getting through self-help books or articles, no matter how great the content or how badly I need to absorb its particular wisdom and use it to try to ease on down, ease on down the road of life. Stories are what grab my attention and won’t let go. Stories are how I relate with the world and back to it. The only kind of self-help I can offer you is my special brand of don’t-try-this-at-home type anecdotes. My stories. Or, if you refuse to listen and do indeed try it at home, I can also then offer up how you might try to fix it.

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