That story you’re keeping close to your heart is meant to help someone heal

Are you ready to up your writing game and learn how to use your story for good in the world?

This Monday, my friend Emily P. Freeman, co-founder of hope*writers, is hosting an online training for writers, 3 Secrets for Writers Looking for Clarity: Discover your writing rhythm, create a simple plan, and finally find your writing people.


  • discover what’s really keeping you from finding your writing rhythm
  • design a simple plan for progress
  • learn why community is key to your writing success

Emily is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author who understands the challenging, sacred, and sometimes maddening work of writing words.

And good news! She wants to help you find a simple plan to make progress in your writing.

If you’re a writer but you struggle to share your work, you don’t want to miss this free training. You can catch this live training at 2 PM or 8 PM ET.

I’ve been a member of the hope*writers community for years now and I wouldn’t be where I am in my writing journey without them. To date, they are still the only affiliate I’ve ever partnered with or promoted. I believe in what they do for writers that much!

Click here to save your spot!

~ Jodie

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