During my latest podcast interview, telling my story took an unexpected turn

It’s been a long time since I cried when telling my husband’s infidelity story, which is one way I’ve gauged my progress in healing. Thus, the choking sobs surprised me. But they also cordially invited me to show up to some pain points I still need to work through. And so—onward; via the routes of forward and upward. Because I can keep going, and so can you.

In my latest podcast interview, on An Unexpected Launch with Kirsten Duncan, I gave it everything I have—for me, for him, for them, and for you.

Utter Imperfection - Unexpected Launch Podcast


*An Unexpected Launch – website:

Ep 15. Jodie’s Story: I Took Control of My Story And Am Using It For Good

*Also available for download on iTunes:

An Unexpected Launch w/Kirsten Duncan: Ep. 15

It’s with a warm heart for my marriage and for yours—for all relationships of any kind, really—that I invite you to listen.

If you find value in my conversation with Kirsten, or any of her other interviews, would you please take the time to subscribe to and rate her beautifully vulnerable and courageous platform?

That Kirsten tells her own unfurling story of family trauma, grace, and redemption AND provides a place for other storytellers to do the same is some of that life-affirming “even though” I’ve come to love and depend on. Let’s show her how much we appreciate the time and energy she spends helping others to feel more at home in their own hearts, minds, and relationships.

Thank you.

~ Jodie

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