Want to go clubbing with me this year?

You asked and I’m answering. My favorite club will re-open its doors next week!

Hey, loves! You’re on my mind because many of you have asked me to let you know the next time hope*writers opens its doors to new members. And, well—it’s that time. Mark your calendars for June 13th.

hope*writers is my all-time favorite group for writers—where writers of all stages can go for the info they need on how to up their game. They only open up for new membership 2-3 times a year, so check them out now to see if the timing and offerings are a good fit for you and your writing goals. Or intentions. Or dreams. I don’t classify myself as a dreamer, but I know many of you starry-eyed badasses do and I love that about you.

Before I wax on, you know when it’s time to call yourself a writer, don’t you?

When you write. Full stop. As there are no other qualifications.

Ok, just needed to clear that up in case some of you were hung up on bestowing yourself with the title of writer.

Utter Imperfection hope*writers quiz

With the start of a new year, is one of your goals to finally make progress in your writing journey? Whether you want to learn how to create a blog or get your story published, increase your reach or make new writing friends—I’m pointing you toward the right place.

My friends at hope*writers teamed up with over 20 writers like you and asked them, “What worked for you?”

From empty nesters to stay-at-home moms, from school teachers to professional counselors, these 26 incredible women share the keys that finally unlocked the door to help them share their meaningful words without sacrificing their meaningful lives.

This brand new video series (CLICK HERE TO WATCH) is a project that hope*writers has been working on to help you take that next step—but most importantly, to help you figure out what the next step is. It’s a FREE video series hosted by long-time hope*writers member and published author, Niki Hardy.

See how hope*writers can help you on your writing journey by clicking here.

There’s a reason why to date this is still the only affiliate link I’ve shared on any of my writing platforms. I believe in hope*writers and what they can do for you and your writing with all my heart because of what they did for me and mine.

I joined the group in order to gain access to their vast, on-demand resource library full of trainings from industry professionals and to make new friends within the writing community. I intended to poke around for a month or two to glean what I needed and then get out to save some money. I can be too frugal with myself like that, I can balk at investing in my purpose and my passion. But years later, I’m still a hope*writers member and don’t have any plans not to be.

If the time is right for you to join me and the rest of the gang and be part of our club, I’d be thrilled to hear it. Because I know firsthand what this membership can mean for you. If you’ve got questions, you already know I’m an open book so just reach out and ask.

~ Jodie


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