Healing from trauma is always an inside job—one that takes a lot of help from the outside.

We have to fight for healing. The battle to recover from any kind of trauma is fought one breath, one minute, one half-step onward and upward at a time. While it’s true healing is always and only ever an inside job, we can’t do it without help from the outside.

On that note, here are two things that helped me speed up my own healing from the flaming pace of snail—in high hopes they might help you find healing, too.

1. Music heals. Almost supernaturally. During the most debilitating periods of pain and heartache my husband and I experienced together—when our marriage was near total destruction—I couldn’t sleep. I was exhausted and depleted to my core and yet sleep still eluded me.

Because I couldn’t sleep, neither could Erik. To help soothe both of us, he’d stroke my hair or my back while he played me song after song after blessed, healing song until I’d finally drift off for a few minutes of respite.

Even with the music, it sometimes took me hours to fall unconscious and escape to nothingness and the break from reality I needed. Without the aid of music, I shudder to think of the zombie-like creature I would surely have become.

I’ve curated an extensive playlist of songs I found to be full of relief, that mitigated my pain and alleviated my fears and I’d love to share them with you. Click here to download my playlist from Apple Music.

If you’ve got a healing song or two you think I need to hear, please send it my way. I’d love for us to continue to curate and add to this list of songs together, as a community.

2. Writing mends. Almost magically. And I know many of you feel the same strong desire to write that I do. Often though, that desire is accompanied by an equally strong fear of putting pen to paper and/or sharing your story with others.

Early on in my own writing journey, I joined Hope*Writers—an online writers community for every stage of writing. Co-founder and published author, Emily P. Freeman, is hosting a free online training for writers on Monday, May 20th, titled, “How to be a Working Writer Without Losing Your Mind.”

The training is offered at four different times and is a great way to check out the group to see if the value and timing are right for you. Hope*Writers will open their doors to new members on Tuesday, May 21st. And they’ll only do so one more time this calendar year.

For me, the best parts of this faith-based writers group are the Tuesday teachings from industry professionals (live via Zoom and also recorded for you to watch anytime), the resource library chock full of all the writer know-how you’ll ever need, and the private FB group where loads of camaraderie and support from all stages of writers can always be found.

Click here to register for the free training if you’re interested. It’s an affiliate link and I’m paid a small % if you ultimately decide membership is right for you. I joined Hope*Writers many, many moons ago with the intent of poking around in the group for a month or two. Turns out, I’m still a member and not likely to leave anytime soon.

There are lots of ways to heal, love.

Though none of them are passive and they all take effort and energy.

Music and writing were my go-tos during my darkest times and I’m guessing they always will be. But if they don’t work for you, it doesn’t mean you’re not going to heal, it just means there’s something more healing out there for you. Keep trying all the things until something works.

I’m convinced the best place to work on our vertical

is at our own rock bottom.

If you’re in that challenging training space today, just know you’re not alone. And that pain can be such a great teacher if you decide to let it be. I’m also convinced that our pain won’t move on until we’ve learned what it came to teach us.

I know how infinitesimally slow healing can feel and I also know that if you’re still breathing, you are healing. Breathing counts and it’s essential. So if breathing is all you’re able to manage some days, I call that a win. Progress. And a very good sign of more healing to come.

If you have any questions for me, about Hope*Writers or anything at all, please don’t hesitate to ask. Your comments here are public, but you can always email me privately, as well.

You’re in charge of your healing, friend—no one else can do it for you. But we can link arms inside our stories and help each other recover from them quicker.



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