Ever wanted to be a writer? Funny thing then, I bet you already are one!

My inbox is often teeming with inquiries from people who have questions about writing.

In case you have some questions too, here’s how it works. If you write, you’re a writer. So glad I could clear that up for you.

Ok, Jodie. But then what?

Great question! I can lead you to straight to the answer. To that question and to any others you have. Follow me, loves, I’ll show you where I get all the best answers to all my writer questions.

Hope Writers is an experienced collective dedicated to meeting you where you’re at as a writer and then helping you learn how to move on to the next stage. They’re opening their doors to new members next week. They’ll only do so two more times this entire year, so now is the time to take a look at what they can offer you as a writer.



Hey, what stage writer are you, anyway?

Not sure? Didn’t even know there were stages to writing? Yeah, same here. That is, until I joined Hope Writers a couple years ago.


Don’t worry, you can take this 30-second quiz to determine where you’re at in your writing journey. I’m a stage 4 writer.

Once you discover your current stage, then you can ponder whether you’d like to move on to the next stage and get loads of help and guidance in getting there. Via Hope Writers, I’m currently learning how to craft a book proposal. Because thanks to them, I learned that sometimes, depending on the genre of the book, you need to write the proposal before you write the book. See? Good, good stuff here, folks.


Let’s say you’re one of the lucky ones and you already know which stage writer you are, but you’ve got some questions and wonder if Hope Writers will be any good at answering them. Check out these answers to the top 20 questions writers ask for a sample of what you’ll gain from your membership.



Maybe you’ve already written something wonderful and now you need help getting it out to the masses. In that case, take a look at Hope Writers free Newbies Pocket Rulebook of Book Publishing. It’s great for newbies who feel clueless as it contains all the basic stuff people wonder about in regards to publishing.

What are the benefits of a Hope Writers membership?

With a monthly membership to Hope Writers, you get anytime access to a free digital library full of helpful resources for every stage writer. You’ll also get weekly training sessions from a never-ending variety of seasoned industry professionals that you can either watch live or after the fact via the resource library. In addition, Hope Writers will invite you to their private Facebook group where you can network with writers in the same stage as you or pick the brains of those in stages ahead of you. Not to mention the plentiful opportunities for mentorship and/or new friendships. It’s all collaboration and all heart at Hope Writers.


Take it from me.

I signed up with the intention of just checking it out for a month. I’ve stayed for several now and have no plans to leave. There’s just so much knowledge right at my fingertips thanks to Hope Writers. Knowledge I can digest in my-size portions at a pace that’s just right for me. I love the self-guided, self-paced format Hope Writers offers and I’m guessing you will, too.

The bottom line is this—if you have any desire to write, just write!

And keep writing. If you follow me then you already know what writing has done for me in my life. It’s done nothing short of save me and show me a way forward. If you want the same for your life, then just start. You don’t need to know all of the how at the onset, it will come, I promise. You just need to begin.

And if you want help, answers to your questions, and a built-in community of like-minded souls, then take a look at joining Hope Writers. Here’s the link to explore a new membership of your own! I’ll happily welcome you aboard and introduce you around.

Jodie Utter


Hope Writers runs an affiliate program for its members. Anyone who opts to sign up for membership during open enrollment with one of my links above, will help me earn a small commission. Thanks in advance for that if one of those people is you. Smooch!


One thought on “Ever wanted to be a writer? Funny thing then, I bet you already are one!

  1. How soon will Hope Writers allow enrollment? I know that it is only three times a year, but when is the next time, please?

    Thank you.


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