Daily tasks and tips to strengthen your marriage and love bigger, even through the hard days—a 28-day relationship building challenge.

February is about to hit us like a Mack truck, loves.

I want to help us all enjoy the next 28 days by equipping us with the biggest weapon of mass compassion there is—LOVE.

Need some help? A little nudge to reach in and pull some big, impactful love from your quiver? I thought you might. So I’d love to give you my new eBook—28 Days & Ways To Do & Be Big Love—free of charge!

If you’ve recently subscribed to my blog, you should’ve received a welcome and thank you email with a link to your free copy of 28 Days & Ways To Do & Be Big Love. It’s possible that by now, you’re already well on your way to four weeks to more free-flowing love between you and yours.

But if you’ve already been a faithful subscriber, right about now you might be wondering where the heck your own free copy is. And rightly so!

I haven’t forgotten about you, loves. I’m so very grateful for your readership and your camaraderie in this crazy hard but still so worth it life over these past few years. I’m saying thank you by gifting you with my new eBook on loving bigger and better—one day at a time.

And just in case you’re one of a handful of new subscribers who didn’t receive the link to the eBook due to a little glitch (and all the duct tape and baling wire that I used behind the scenes to get this book to you), I’m including you lovely new folks in this email to make sure one and all who’d like the eBook can receive it.

Utter Imperfection, 28 Days & Ways To Do & Be Big Love

Here are my first official book reviews—SQUEEEEEEE!

“I’m going through a rough patch with my husband. I’ve lost the energy to work on my marriage. I needed something to slowly get out of the pit so I’m going to try the daily steps on your eBook. Thank you.”

~ P

“Ready for a February Challenge? My dear friend, Jodie, at Utter Imperfection, wrote an eBook just in time for the new month—28 Days & Ways To Do & Be Big Love. And it’s FREE!

Every day offers a new suggestion for how to grow your love. Cuz love gets complicated when you have kids. It gets overlooked sometimes. Or our partner falls down the priority list or we take them for granted. . .

I love these tips because they’re so easy. My pet peeve is when people tell me to schedule a date night once a week. Who’s going to pay for THAT? Babysitters are hard to come by these days and not cheap.

This eBook offers simple, loving guidance on things you and your partner can do right now—no date night or scheduling required.”
Celeste Yvonne – The Ultimate Mom Challenge

“Fight right.”
“Get dirty together.”
“Get some skin in the game.”

These might sound like words a wrestling coach would shout at a match or something out of 50 Shades of Grey, but really they’re pearls of wisdom on how to “love big.”

Here’s the truth—marriage, especially marriage after kids, is hard work. And you probably don’t have time to sit down and read a 100+ book on how to improve your relationship.

That’s why I love this e-book from my friend at Utter Imperfection. Seriously, guys, this is a good one. It’s only 33 pages and each piece of advice is one page long. It’s a quick read chock-full of goodness from someone who knows a thing or two about love, marriage, and fighting for what matters.

~  The 21st Century SAHM

No matter the state of current affairs in your marriage or relationship, what have you got to lose in choosing to work on loving big this month? Nothing of value, loves. Nothing that truly matters.

Click here to download my eBook: 28 Days & Ways To Do & Be Big Love

If you’d like to share this book with a friend or loved one, that’s awesome. I’d love that. But rather than sending them the book, please send them a link to my blog. When they subscribe, I’ll happily send them the book to thank them, too.

I can’t wait to hear if these tactics for big love buoy and strengthen your marriage like they have mine. Please reach out and let me know if you get something good from the eBook.

I love a good love story and I hope you’ll all have a new one to tell at the end of your four weeks to more free-flowing love.

All the love,



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