That weakness of yours you detest? It’s probably your superpower. Here’s why the world needs you to use it.

What’s your gift to regift to the world? If you can’t answer that, let’s chat.

Please give my latest piece a read and after, answer this question; what makes you super powerful? Then come back here and tell me what it is so I can celebrate the discovery with you. Read my article here.

Jodie Utter

6 thoughts on “That weakness of yours you detest? It’s probably your superpower. Here’s why the world needs you to use it.

  1. Your message is an important one because so often people are ashamed to show their real emotions and project ‘I’m fine’ when they aren’t. So instead they suffer in silence, all alone, drowning in it. It makes me sad that people apologize for crying. Like you, I am a deeply feeling person and cry often. I choose to feel the pain because it is what helps me see beauty and extraordinary light in the darkness. By doing that, I suppose I inspire others to do the same and help them believe that everything is going to be okay, even when it seems like it’s not. Guess that’s my superpower. Again, fabulous post! Thanks so much for sharing! xo


    1. YESSSSS! Friend, thank you, for reading and for coming back here to connect with me and share your superpower. You’re so lovely and I appreciate you and your words. I’ve a fresh piece on being sorry ALL THE TIME, FOR EVERYTHING I’d love for you to read and respond to. Are you on Facebook? It’s a brand new post up tonight. Let me know if not and I’ll email you the link.


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  2. Fantastic, article!! My god. YOU ARE SO RIGHT. Why do we feel the need to apologize for doing what we need to do to keep ourselves sane and healthy? It’s ridiculous! My best friend has become the ‘sorry police’ in my world, and this habit I have of saying sorry is something I have worked very hard to curb, with her assistance. She doesn’t allow me to apologize and when I do, she asks me to rephrase what I have said. It has been an eye-opening experience. It shocks me the things I think to apologize for and the things I DO apologize for. Like, what the hell? Anyway, so glad you wrote this, you couldn’t be more on point, and it was the reminder I needed. ​


    1. I kinda love your friend! I’ve had some repetitve feedback on this piece I just love. The suggestion is to indeed omit our excess apologies but then to try replacing ‘I’m sorry’ with some form of gratitude. For example, ‘I’m sorry I’m a couple minutes late’ can become ‘thank you for your patience.’ I just love this spin on apologies.

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