He made the worst mistake of his life. But then he did this…

Nothing has ever broken my husband quite like breaking me.

“It was there in his raggedness, face down in the arena, covered with dust and sweat and blood that my husband stood up, ignored his own gaping wounds and began laboring to heal mine. He’ll tell you betraying me was the biggest mistake of his life, and I will agree, but what I’m choosing to focus on is what he did next.”

This story of ours was published in the beautifully encouraging online magazine, Her View From Home, please click here to read the rest.

Jodie Utter


If any part of our story helps you in any part of your own and you’d like to read on, I’ve placed more of it for you here: Overcoming Infidelity

4 thoughts on “He made the worst mistake of his life. But then he did this…

  1. Wow, that was so good to read, well done. What a journey, and what an amazing gift it turned out to be hey? I salute both of you, and send love from Australia, G ❤


  2. These roads in marriage… It’s like once we journey over these roads we join Harry and Luna and can see the creatures pulling the carriages. Stunned, and a bit saddened that the illusion has been revealed. Surprised at what we see now.


    1. I don’t know who Harry and Luna are, or what you’re referring to specifically, but I’m a little mesmerized by the beauty and sadness, both, your words depict for me. Thanks for reading along and connecting with me here.


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