Want to know how to belong even when you don’t fit in? Watch how she does it.

Would you just look at her?

Look at her deciding for her very own self right where she belongs and just being. And not at all because she fits in there. Fitting in is no good for her. Fitting in costs her too much and thus doing so is not worth the effort it takes or what she loses of herself when she tries. Can you imagine her laboring to turn into one of the others just so she fits, matches, sames?

How to belong: decide you do, the end.


I don’t want that for her. She doesn’t want that for her. She knows a better way. She knows that in order to belong, she needs simply to be. Period. Full stop. End of story.


She knows she brings something special with her where ever she goes and whether or not she’s appreciated or valued there says so very little about her but rather so very much about others. Because just look at her! She’s gorgeous. She’s grit. She’s light. She’s wild at heart. She’s unlimited in potential. She’s oh no she di-int. She’s just watch me. She’s even though. She’s anyway. She’s instead of. She’s truth.


And when you notice her, even beyond loving her at first sight, something lovelier still happens. When you happen upon her and take her in, all at once… you unfurl.


Her belonging right where she decides to crooks a finger under your chin and gently lifts it up. Her bold authenticity coaxes a deep exhale from your over-taught lungs. Her fierce vulnerability places a gentle hand on each of your shoulders until they drop under the exquisite, subtle pressure, releasing their tension to the wind.


She serves as a lovely reminder that your own true north is the direction you’re perpetually meant to travel in. Though her presence does not imply she expects your compass to align with hers. Rather, she shows up exactly anywhere she decides to absolutely as she is with the sincere hope of encouraging you to just show up too…


Entirely as you.


Written by Jodie Utter: For more of this kind of imperfect muddling through, I’d love for you to join me here in this community of Utter Imperfection.


Jodie Utter


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