I Could Not Save Myself, But I Can Tell My Hard Truths Now In Hopes of Saving Her

A prolific and gifted writer whom I admire to the moon and beyond said this about the piece I wrote and am sharing with you today: “Oh, Jodie. So good. I mean, really. Best words I’ve seen from you so far. Clear, specific, gut-wrenching. Love so much.”

And so I think you might like it too. I wrote it to remind us none of our stories have to end in the hard, the horrific, the hurt; we can continue writing new chapters, the best ones, even. We can harvest each and every heartache that hindered us in our pasts for the good that can always eventually be found. None of the agonies we’ve endured need be wasted. We can’t change our stories, but we can take hold of them from here.


Please click through to read this piece that took me my life thus far to be able to write, I’m proud of it and so very hopeful it will help another: “Daughter, Hide These Powerful Truths In Your Heart—Like I Wish I Had At Your Age.”

And a huge thank you to the wonderful online magazine, Her View From Home, for publishing it.


Photo credit: Vince Fleming on Unsplash

4 thoughts on “I Could Not Save Myself, But I Can Tell My Hard Truths Now In Hopes of Saving Her

  1. Congrats, that’s great! Sometimes it seems worth all the pain of growing up to reach this place of older wisdom and peace, dontcha reckon? And awesome that we can share it with our kids, G


    1. I’m coming to terms with some of what you’re saying, but I still wish pain didn’t have to be the mechanism for growth, I wish there was a way that didn’t hurt so bad. And even though I can pass on my learning to my kids, I know it’s pain that’s going to teach them the most too, and that hurts as well. This life. It’s crazy and then it’s awful and then it’s wonderful, but at least none of us are alone in it. Thanks for reading and connecting with me here.

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