I’ve Been Let Down In My Marriage: All the Way Down

Are you between a rock and a hard marriage? Been there, my friend.

‘But in contrast to how I feel when I’m in the heat of a hard moment in my marriage, when I look back over 22 years of participating in the institution, I don’t focus on the awful or dwell on the negative, even though our list of yuck is long and we’ve had some humdingers of heartache to work through—and none of that working through was easy or enjoyable. My thoughts just don’t go there, though. Instead, when I survey all our years of marriage I gravitate toward our triumphs and all the ways we got through life together when life felt unlivable…’


In the midst of your own struggle, do you ever wonder why you got married at all? Why you’re still married? If you’ll be able to stay married? If so, and you could use some encouragement through the valley, please click the following link to read my full article newly published on Her View From Home, If Marriage Is So Hard, Why Do We Still Do It?



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