The Lie I Tell My Doctor…

My annual well-woman exam is coming up, and I’m wondering if I’ll tell my doctor the truth this year.

Each year there seems to be something I find I am not willing to offer up on the intake forms, some truth that’s too hard to tell.

Once I’m in the exam room and face to face with her, she probes, she inquires, she looks me in the eye as I respond and sometimes, I lie…

Before you read the rest of the story, let me just tell you, when your editor reads your submission and says, “Jodie, this is really brave of you to write. If you’re uncomfortable having your name on the byline, we can always publish it anonymously,” you know you’ve struck a chord.

My favorite piece of writing advice goes like this: you know that thing you’re afraid to write, write that. Because our real is what really helps others. Our golden, shiny, best of moments, not so much. Those prettily packaged, snowglobe-esque views of our lives leave people feeling alone and on the outside, looking in. We’re never alone in our struggles, but if we don’t show up vulnerable and talk about them with each other, we’ll never know that.

So I told my editor, “Thank you, but let’s slap my name right up on it. I think it’s the best path to healing, both for myself and for others.”

To read the rest of my story at Her View From Home, please click here.


10 thoughts on “The Lie I Tell My Doctor…

  1. I love this piece. I think it is hard to be honest with others because it means that we have to honest with ourselves. I personally find telling someone else my truths makes them real and that is very scary, but you are right we should all be a little bit braver!


  2. I love reading your stuff! You are an amazing writer and so real with your emotions, I feel like I’m right there in the room with you! Thank you for sharing your feelings and your writing!!


  3. I think you will do what you need too. I have faith in you and your choices. Love you and enjoy your articles. They give me hope for myself at this time. Love grandma.


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