My All-Time Most Popular Post Got Published!

The post I’m referring to has had over 10 times the readership of nearly all of my others. You guys read it and read it and read it. So did Thought Catalog, and then they published it. Why am I telling you this? Because there is value in this post and we can use it for good out there in the world. I know that because many of you wrote to me in heartfelt response to it, or told me in person how it helped you, and now it’s out there on Thought Catalog’s big, beautiful platform for the rest of the world to read. But the internet is vast and content gets buried and lost right quick. And so I need your help.

Maybe you already read it? Rad!, and thank you kindly, now please read it again, or anew, whichever applies to you. Then, if you found value in it, please consider leaving a comment on the bottom of the page to tell others. But wait, there’s more! For the love, please share it on social media. Send the link in an email to someone who might grab hold of it like a lifeline, just in the nick of time. Or share it on Facebook and tell people why they should read it. Or pin it on Pinterest. Whatev, please just share, share, share.

Too many of the days, we deal in the forces that strain our relationship with the one we love, sometimes to the breaking point. Today, let’s deal in the opposing force of intentional, purposeful, all-powerful, actionable love.

Listen, if you share it, maybe we can reach another marriage, another couple, another partnership at risk. Maybe even at the precise moment in time they were meant to be reached. You and I, we can work together right now to be a lighthouse for people who are headed straight for the same rocks many of us have hit. Ready? Set? Let’s light it up!

To read and share the post, click the red link below:

The Piece Of Advice That Saved My Marriage (And Could Save Yours, Too)



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