Gone Girlfriend

I read lots of books written by women for other women. Also, tons of female-authored blogs, articles, posts, social media shout-outs and shoe descriptions on Zappos. And I’ve noticed ladies I admire and respect write a lot about girlfriends. Specifically, how phenomenal theirs are. Like, SO PHENOMENAL.¬†And something doesn’t sit right with me.

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I’m Published!

Times, they are a changin’. And by times, I mean my waistline. Read about my expansion in my new and published post, “Does This Vacation Make My Butt Look Big?” here at Bluntmoms.com!!!

What Language Does Your Love Speak?

Love is multi-lingual. And like anything that speaks a language: a person, a body, a face; love can be misunderstood or hard to interpret.

So much in life is cyclical, here for a season, then gone. Like the feelings or emotions that we often mistake for love. So very little is constant. Including the ability to love people the way they need you to love them, for an extended period of time. Because that is some very hard work. Work akin to building Egyptian pyramids or calming a furious toddler. But as for that hard work, as the principle goes, what you get from it usually makes it worth it.

Even so, as worthy as the work may be, it can feel like churning butter, and not at all sustainable for the long haul. At least I think, because hello, it’s 2017 and so of course I have never churned butter. But I’m still fairly confident in this metaphor. And sometimes we need a break from the churning. Our loved ones will be ok with that, for a beat. But we do need to re-engage with that hard work, again and again. Because if we stop churning indefinitely, we won’t see the results we’re hoping for, our relationships won’t be solid.

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